Classroom Practices in Joliet, IL

Changing weekly curriculum in the following areas:
  • Language development
  • Sensory
  • Manipulative
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art/Creativity
  • Literacy
We offer a personal bathroom for our 2-year-old classroom for potty training. Each child is put on an individualized potty training plan that is discussed with the parents to help better assist them in this process. Parents are given a daily report sheet that lets them see how their child's day was. Each child is put on an individualized potty training plan that is discussed with the parents to help better assist them in this process.

We ask that parents provide us with at least four changes of clothing (including socks), and an adequate supply of training pants with plastic pants each day for your child. If he or she is just beginning toilet training, he or she may wear plastic pants or a diaper at rest time until better bladder control has been attained. Pull ups that have Velcro sides are the only type allowed.


1. You say you have this changing weekly curriculum? Well, that's nice… but how does that benefit my child?
- It offers variety and caters to children's attention spans, they get to do new fun things while learning in a variety of ways so they never get bored.

2. It's wonderful you have computers. I hear it's great for kids to use them. Why is it so great for my kid to use computers?
- In today's society, technology is a must. the children learn the basics to get them comfortable using computers while playing age appropriate games that keep learning exciting.

3. Oh, so you potty train? How does that work?
- In the 2-year-old classroom the teachers encourage the children to began their potty training journey, however it is still up to the parent and the child to take this step into self independence Having a personal bathroom in their classroom makes potty training convenient for our 2-year-olds.

4. How does your preschool promote kindergarten readiness? Even better, all schools in this area say this about their preschool programs. What makes YOURS superior to the rest or why is YOUR program right for my child instead of the others?
- What makes our preschool program effective for kindergarten readiness is our detailed specific curriculum. The curriculum created by our pre-k teachers involves 2 assessments, one done at the being of the school year to determine what area each child needs improvement, once the assessment is completed our pre-k team creates individual lesson plans to make sure each child is where they need to be before entering Kindergarten. The second assessment is done in February. We also have parent teacher conferences to inform the parents of their child's progress and to encourage them to work with their children at home. Each child receives a homework packet weekly that includes writing, numbers, and patterns.